Use Big Messages to Make You Bigger

 Once you determine your brand, you need to tell people about it. The right outdoor advertising can spread your message while helping you look professional. That’s where AnnaKiya Studios comes in.


Historically, OOH advertising has only been accessible to a large businesses and national brands. For example, Lamar Outdoor, the largest billboard operator U.S., serves only 40,000 primarily large businesses annually.

Billboards can always be used to direct people to online channels such as your website, Facebook page, or your online store, to your physical location or encourage them to make a phone call. Adding out-of-home (OOH) billboard advertising to your overall ad campaign can increase the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Social Media 212% and Mobile 316%. Digital billboards are also a great way to promote today’s special, next week’s sale or the introduction of a new product line or service. Whatever you want to promote, digital billboards can help.

In the past, the biggest complaint by small businesses about billboards was the cost of advertising and the length of contract required.

Today, with digital billboards, that’s not the case – here is a fact billboards cost less than TV, radio and print on a CPM basis. Together we can set your own budget, select the boards that will work best for you, design your own message, and have it airing within days at the frequency you want -- and pay for it all by credit card. Most typically spend between $50-$250 per day on outdoor advertising.


There’s Nothing Small About Digital Billboard Advertising


Whether you have a few hundred dollars or a few thousand in your advertising budget, the reality is you need to make every one of them count. Our agency and the national online network of digital billboards can help your small business reach local and national customers. Let us help you stand out from your competition. Whether you’re looking to tell customers about the latest fashion, encourage them to buy flowers, or simply improve your brand, digital billboards will bring customers to your door.