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As a relationship-driven agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen, learn and exceed expectations. We value long term relationships over making a quick buck and this mentality allows us to work with amazing clients like Pretty Rolls. Every business is presented with a unique set of challenges, pain points, and customer base but because we first start every conversation by listening, we’re able to understand your business to come up with not just a data-driven approach, but the right approach for you.

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Challenges / Goals

They came to us in the process of launching a brand new product-based business; this means they not only needed a unique logo with an original brand identity, and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our Solution

Powerful branding expresses your voice, story, and values in a visual way that connects with your audience and helps build lasting relationships with your customers. From the beginning of this project, our team aimed to get to know the client, understanding the personalities, goals, and values that would inspire the new company brand. Our graphic designer used extensive research, color studies, sketching, and digital mockups to create a brand that combines local inspiration, a playful color scheme, and modern design. From there, we built a collection of cohesive, complementary brand assets, including a new logo, custom graphics, and packaging. Marketing efforts included print ads, banners,  billboard advertising, and SEO-driven digital market research — all with the goal of attracting new customers and driving brand awareness.