Custom Printed Packaging Tape Can Carry Your Branding or Sales Message

Printed packaging tapes can be stock tapes that carry standard messages like FRAGILE, or can be custom printed with your own message. A custom printed packaging tape can act as your brand ambassador during the transit of the package.

Just take adequate care to ensure that both the tape material and printing are good quality. Sub-standard tapes and printing can destroy your image, making people feel that you do not care for quality.

Ordering Custom Printed Packaging Tape

Select a packaging tape that is tailored to your packaging needs. Different kinds of tapes are needed for different types of packages. For example lightweight or heavyweight, single-wall or multi-wall, plain or corrugated, etc. packages need packaging tapes of different strengths and adhesive quality.

Packaging tapes can be made from paper, vinyl, PVC, polypropylene or blends. Each has its own characteristics and strengths. The glue used can also differ in the speed and strength of adhesion, and suitability for different surfaces. You have to understand these differences to choose the right kind of packaging tape to meet your needs.

Get the tape custom printed with your company logo, name and contact details at the minimum. Custom printed packaging tapes can also carry additional short promotional messages if they are wide enough. Do the whole thing in a tasteful manner so that your brand image is enhanced, not damaged.

If you do not have the design expertise in-house, reach out to AnnaKiya and we can create a design for your or you can take the design services offered by suppliers of custom printed packaging tapes. With their experience, they can suggest a design that is tailored to the specifications of the tape.

The printing can be done not only on the outer surface of the tape, but also on the inside surface of the tubing that holds the tape. While this message will not go with the package, it might serve other purposes, as when you give plain packaging tape rolls as corporate gifts. More typically, it is the tape supplier who uses this space to remind the customer that it was they who supplied the high quality tape.

The Packaging Tape Real Estate

Marketing oriented companies will not let the packaging tape real estate go waste. With widths of 2 or 3 inches, and printable surfaces, packaging tapes offer a good medium for conveying your brand-building and business-promotional messages.

Several people will see the message on the custom printed packaging tape during its transit. Make them notice your message, through appropriate design, including the message itself, the background, the print quality and other elements.

The packaging tape used to secure your packages during their transit is a good medium for your advertising messages. Custom printed packaging tapes can act as brand ambassadors of your company with their tasteful design and quality materials and printing.

Packaging tapes must suit the packages. Thus heavyweight packages need stronger tape materials and adhesives. And the advertising message has to suit the selected tape. Clear, narrow tapes require a design that is quite different from one required by a 3 inch wide paper packaging tape.