Any notes or changes to a design must be submitted through the link provided to the client. 


Project Termination

Project(s) will be automatically terminated if the client goes seven days without communication to proceed. Deposits are non-refundable. The client must pay a project reinstatement fee of $100 to reopen.

AnnaKiya Designs, LLC reserves the right to terminate any and all projects including but not limited to lack of communication, late payments, changing deadlines.


Nondisclosure Agreement 

Establishes that any creative discussion, ideas, files, or images disclosed to the client or authorized representative will remain confidential.

Payment Terms of Agreement:

Confirms that the client understands the payment process and the legal ramifications that will take place if payments are not made in a timely manner or in accordance with established payment plans.

Client Profile Information

Tells us about the client/brand. This information is used to coordinate promotions, gifts, and services that best suit our customers. It also allows the client to discuss what they are hoping to achieve when working with us.

Authorized Representative Form

We get it, you're booked and busy! It's a year of making moves and you have a business to run. This form allows you to "tag in" a trusted friend or team member to make decisions for you when you are not available. The client absorbs all responsibility for the decisions made on your behalf by the authorized representative.

Credit Card Authorization

Most of our clients prefer us to order prints, samples, etc. Design lingo can become confusing when discussing color codes, paperweight, finishes, and more with production companies. Let us handle your orders to make sure colors and quality are consistent with the design vision. As a plus, we have acquired a list of trusted vendors that produce high-quality brand collateral and access special rates ranging from 10%-60% off most print orders.


Consultations are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are a client and would like to discuss the progress of an open project, please refer to your Client Welcome Packet for instructions. A confirmation email will be sent to client prior to the appointment. No-Shows will not be allowed to book future in-person or Skype calls. The appointment will be terminated and must be rescheduled if the client is more than 15 min late.

Files and Image Sharing

Files will be sent via email attachments or through Dropbox links. Unedited flattened images and design files will be sent to the client at the specifications requested for the project. Editable working files of any and all designs will not be given to the client or another designer/third-party for any reason. They are not for sale. [Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, etc]


The client may request additional design projects to an existing package. Add-ons must be paid in full and chosen from a limited selection of print and digital media. Rush orders cannot be applied to add-ons.


Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Plans

Custom payment plans are available for clients with project valued at $800 minimum upon request only.

AnnaKiya Designs, LLC reserves the right to terminate any and all projects including but not limited to lack of communication, late payments, changing deadlines.